Capital Punishment: British Style

The Grim Reaper

The Grim Reaper

Reyaad Khan- Assassinated

Reyaad Khan- Assassinated

Ruhul Amin- Assassinated

Ruhul Amin- Assassinated








“And the executioner’s face is always well hidden.” (Bob Dylan A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall)


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2 Responses to Capital Punishment: British Style

  1. odeboyz says:

    ‘Probably’? To move from a probability to assassination is quite a leap for a democracy which favours due process. And of course, now and then, people go on trial and are found Not Guilty after the evidence is tested in court. So on balance I disapprove of Reaper missile attacks on people who are not in a war zone and may/may not have committed a heinous crime. Though of course Michael Fallon was referring to a future crime- but the possible/ probable crimes he cited were against events which had already gone & were therefore unavailable for a crime to be committed. There was no prima facie evidence against either of these men.

  2. Chris Roberts says:

    They probably have British or American blood on their hands. I prefer the term ‘liquidated’. Its obviously cheaper this way than to go through the rigmarole of capture, trial and incarceration for 20 years. Chris R

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