The Generations

When I was little I thought my Dad knew absolutely everything about everything. He thought nothing of stripping down the starter motor on our old car to replace the carbon brushes – to mending our shoes. He even replaced broken slates on our shed roof. But he never boasted or showed off that he was multi-talented. Unfortunately he died one night in his bed which I suppose is the best way to go if you simply have to die.

He would have been amazed at things my generation now take for granted. Sitting in front of a screen and speaking whilst interacting with another person in real time that you know is half way round the world, in a different time and country. Or what mobile phones can do these days, instant photos that turn into a blinding white light torch. Now we have things that he would have thought of a luxuries. Heating in every room controlled at the mere flick of the thermostat valve, carpets in every room, a kitchen stuffed with more gadgets than you can shake a stick at and of course the fridge-freezer bulging with fresh meat and dairy produce. I think my generation is probably the luckiest to not only have lived through my parents life of austerity. I have never experienced war and conflict, we were lucky enough to drift into today’s world, where I have all that I could wish for – nice home, car, money in the bank etc.

I don’t remember my children ever going without but I am sure they will be quick to remind me in no uncertain terms the hard life I gave them in their growing up years. All those times I said no, when in their eyes, I could more easily have said yes.

I have to say I despaired in shock and disbelief when some years ago, one of my granddaughters proudly showed me a ridiculous tattoo she had had scratched on her shoulder and then to see a stud nailed through her tongue I threw my hands up in disbelief – of that pretty eighteen year old allowing herself to be so mutilated and think it, not only acceptable but even beautiful.

Now that pretty young girl is a mother in her own right bringing up her own two children and I have to wonder what life’s challenges and wide eyed surprises will those children experience going into and hopefully through the next several generations.

Oh well, I can only hope that all the kids and all the future generations that follow my particular set of genes will have as good a life as I have had.


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