Town Hall Mouse

“Well I declare”, said the Mayor with a stare –
“There’s a mouse, just a sitting right there on my chair”.
The Deputy Mayor looked over and said,
“My goodness you’re right and its made it his bed”.
The Mace Bearer boomed, “what devilish cheek…
Does the rodent not know – it’s the Mayors chair, that seat”.

The Chief Whip was summoned, and shown the small mouse…
Who sat up and squeaked – “I do like this house”.
But the Mayor and the officers, the councillors too,
All thought that the Chief Whip would know what to do.

The Mayor and the Chief Whip were ‘left’ so to speak…
And would not see the squatter put out on the street.
With corridor whispers and a nudge here and there…
The Council would show this mouse how they care.

The Mayor stood beside where he once would have chaired,
And banged down his gavel – “This motion declared…
From now on a rodent with no assets or home…
Can come to this Council for a Starter Home Loan”.

So a shoe box was found, with some string and some wax
But the mouse was then charged – the full Council Tax.


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