Book Review: John Crace ~ A Farewell To Calm: The new normal survival guide (2021)

John Crace is the Guardian newspapers parliamentary sketch writer and satirist. He’s very witty and this book is a collection of his articles which cover the pandemic and, especially, Boris Johnson. It’s fair to say that Crace despises Johnson. As Michael ‘Cocaine’ Gove said in 2016, Johnson isn’t fit to be prime minister. Nonetheless he is. At this moment (mid-January 2022) Johnson is engulfed in what could be a terminal crisis. A crisis entirely of his own making.

Johnson is a walking, talking moral hazard. He literally behaves recklessly and emerges unscathed. This ability has carried him through numerous scandals. He also portrays himself as an extremely intelligent man who has ‘vision’. Crace absolutely disagrees with this portrayal and finds that Johnson is actually rather dim and unable to make a decision.

If you’re a Johnson fan this book definitely isn’t for you. Those that dislike him will find huge amounts of fuel contained in Crace’s critique.

Try this: 3rd June 2020

All his life Boris Johnson has been told that he is the Special One. A person for whom all the rules are there to be broken. He is a man who has consistently managed to fail upwards. Sacked from one job for lying or incompetence, he has always effortlessly moved on to a better one. Friends, family and children have only ever been collateral damage in a ruthless pursuit of an entitled ambition. P86

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