Book Review: S A Cosby ~ Blacktop Wasteland (2021)

Anthony ‘Bug’ Bearegard, is a psychopath, a gangster, a loving father, an exceptional motor mechanic and brilliant driver. A very complex person overloaded with attributes each one of which is challenging for dominance. And that’s the source of the story. How the conflicting attributes weave in and out of his life.

Anthony is going straight and running a viable motor repair shop when competition opens up and he loses most of his trade. The underlying narrative is he loses because of price and because he’s black. Notwithstanding previous experience with ‘White Trash’ Session brothers he joins them in a life-changing jewellery heist. The jewels are illegal being owned by gangster who uses them to fund his activities. They get the jewels and retribution from Lazy another pyschopathic gangster. Cosby writes a Baby Driver style description of a car chase, without the music.1 (This is so thrilling it’s worth the price of the book.)

Twists and turns and mayhem pushes the book along at a terrific pace and I warmly recommend it.

1 Baby Driver (2017) – Plot Summary – IMDb

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