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Misplaced kindness

My friend only eats ‘ethical meat’. Animals who’ve lived a happy life. That’s all wrong. Ethical meat eaters should eat unhappy animals. Ismo Leikola, Edinburgh Festival 2015 (slightly altered)

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Thirty Minutes That Changed My Life. Leeds, 1953

As a child I suffered from severe asthma. Leeds, at that time, was a heavily polluted city drenched in soot from factories and domestic coal fires, which was disastrous for people’s health. The result for me was attendance at Junior … Continue reading

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True love just left the building

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Book Review: Robin Sloan ~ Mr Penumbra’s 24-hour Bookstore (2012)

I’d read two books by favoured authors consecutively and had a Monty Python moment – I wanted something ‘completely different’. But what? So I did a search for an elusive ‘completely different’ book by putting key indicators into Mr Google. … Continue reading


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Knock, Knock

Two astronauts were circling earth. One went on a space walk to do some minor maintenance. When he returned the cabin door was locked. So he knocked. There was no answer. He knocked again. Louder this time. There was still … Continue reading

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