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President Kennedy’s Favourite Nazi

The Allies had an amoral attitude towards Nazi scientists. They were an intellectual elite and were helped to leave Germany thereby by-passing the Nuremburg Trials. Many would have been convicted and, some, would have been sentenced to death. They had … Continue reading


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John F Kennedy, Dallas, November 1963

All language is loaded with biases, which shape understanding. There are a five examples below illustrating this point. Kennedy went to Dallas in 1963 and died Entirely correct and uninformative: Kennedy died. The death of a president is intrinsically important … Continue reading

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Kennedy, Khrushchev and the Great Compromise 1962-3

  The 1958 installation of missiles in Italy and Turkey provided compelling evidence, for the Soviets, of the USA’s malign intentions. Khrushchev resolved to remove the American missile threat to the USSR’s existence. The Cuban Revolution in 1959 provided an … Continue reading

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