Nazi SS Doctors and the CIA: post 1945

They [CIA doctors] did, however, benefit from the guidance of Camp King’s staff doctor, Walter Schreiber, the former surgeon general of the Nazi army, who had overseen research at concentration camps in which prisoners were frozen, injected with hallucinogens, and cut open to chart the progress of gangrene. When he was given a contract to work in the US under Operation Paperclip (it didn’t work out, and after a scandal he ended up in Argentina), Schreiber was replaced at Camp King by another war criminal, Kurt Blome, the Nazis’ director of research into biological warfare, who had tested nerve gases and viruses on concentration camp inmates.”

Book Review: Poisoner in Chief: Sidney Gottlieb and the CIA Search for Mind Control
by Stephen KinzerHenry Holt, 384 pp., £11.99, November 2020

Mike Jay · Lace the air with LSD: Brain Warfare · LRB 4 February 2021

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