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A Tale from a Tower Block

Life in a Council tower block has its problems. Noise and other selfish behaviour can be significant. Social housing has been available to the working classes since 1945, which massively reduced private rented accommodation with improved housing at a lower … Continue reading

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A Disappointed Conservative

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Book Review: Timur Vermes ~ The Hungry and the Fat (translated Jamie Bulloch) (2020)

It was a privilege to read this book. Timur is a German author who’s satirised Germany, Europe and the fundamentals of the immigration challenge. The great immigration of 2015 led to huge social and political dislocations in Germany. Timur’s book … Continue reading

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We’re rich because of our ancestors

“At least half of our wealth comes from the ideas and investments of those who are now dead.”

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The Strategic Importance of Renewable Energy

There are three principal reasons why British renewable energy is strategically important. They are, safety of supply, price stability and developing 21st century industries. These are central to the national interest. Safety of Supply The Royal Navy protects British shipping … Continue reading

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The fearless Drongo and Eagle

  If you want to read more about the drongo go to  

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The price of dedication

A council debate was becoming heated. As tempers became frayed Joe sneered: “Have you heard of Bob Froyd?” “No.” “Well,” Joe said triumphantly, “if you attended more council meetings, you’d know that he’s the man who’s opening a strip club … Continue reading

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Film Review: The Irishman ~ (Robert de Niro, Al Pacino and Joe Pesci) (2019)

Robert de Niro and Martin Scorsese have had a long, profitable and illustrious career together. Their latest film, The Irishman, is astonishing. Although I dislike gimmick laden films this one is different. Here the gimmicks are central to the purpose … Continue reading

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George Neville: his archbishop of York’s feast 1465

There were 3,000 guests and the feast lasted a week:- “There was a frenzy of butchery. The carcasses disembowelled, plucked, prepared and dressed for the occasion included 1,000 sheep, 500 deer of various varieties, 400 swans, 2,000 each of pigs … Continue reading

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As Time Calls

At seventy-five, the call is palpable No bell, chant it’s not even a whisper But it’s there, nagging, insistent A feeling that events, are going to happen. When it started, is a mystery Certainly not in my childhood Not that … Continue reading

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