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Women always win

A couple were having a bad patch. They agreed it was best not to talk at all as everything seemed to turn into a row. Their truce was successful and they got used to communicating through written messages. One day … Continue reading

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Book Review: John O’Farrell ~ There’s only two David Beckhams

A wonderful satire on football is exactly what’s needed in a post-World Cup period and this is that book. O’Farrell has made the wildly improbable plausible- including a Raheem Sterling goal. The book begins with Tony Blair elected as a … Continue reading

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A conversation between my parents

Mum: I’ve been bitten by a mosquito! Dad: I’ll bet it’s regretting it. Chris

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Housing upgrades, repairs and creative tension

In the winter of 1969, I and five other tradesmen were directed to work in a derelict house in Rushmore Road Hackney. Two stories high it had two bedrooms, a large living room and a  brick back edition. There was … Continue reading

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Educational discrimination at Harvard University

University officials did concede that its 2013 internal review found that if Harvard considered only1 [my emphasis] academic achievement, the Asian-American share of the class would rise to 43 percent from the actual 19 percent. What they value more than … Continue reading

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Book Review: Geraint Thomas – The world of cycling according to G

Geraint has written an insightful book about pro-cycling. There are relatively short flashbacks to his early life in Wales but they’re the garnish to the main dish. He’s been in the forefront of elite cycling from its inception under the … Continue reading

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Why you are dissatisfied with your wonderful life

Necessities become things that are beneath our notice. Conveniences become necessities. Luxuries become conveniences. And then we invent new luxuries…. Chris

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A good fairy grants two wishes

Fred: I know you usually only grant one wish but could you make an exception for me? Good Fairy: Yes. I’ll grant you two wishes. Fred: He was overjoyed and immediately asked for the best drink and the best woman … Continue reading

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