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Hedonism and gambling

Hedonists want to win. They really want to win. Losing isn’t fun making you unhappy, resentful and unpleasant. Hedonists like easy money but not losing, which is the central problem in gambling as it often involves losing. Obviously hedonists can … Continue reading

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Hedonists are adults

Adults make decisions and take the consequences. Everyone does stupid things and sometimes they’re really stupid. Hedonists don’t whine about bad luck. They know they fouled up. Even if they followed advice it’s still their decision and they accept ownership. … Continue reading

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Hedonists don’t worry

Worrying causes unhappiness. Doing something stupid, offensive, crass or whatever will probably fill you with regrets but it’s too late. Why worry? The damage has been done. What’s worse than this is people who worry about future events. Events which … Continue reading

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Hedonism and the state’s interference in the lives of adults

Hedonists believe ‘the pursuit of pleasure is the most important goal of human life’. Hedonists are tolerant. Each person’s pleasurable activities is theirs. Hedonists don’t recognise any role for states in legislating the personal conduct of adults. The only caveat … Continue reading

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Book Review: Sebastian Horsley ~ Dandy in the underworld: an unauthorised autobiography (2007)

If you like train crash autobiographies this is for you. His family were rich and he was unconstrained from his earliest moments. Sebastian was a psychopath towards himself. He fell in love with Jimmy Boyle, a Scottish murderer, who was … Continue reading

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Why you are dissatisfied with your wonderful life

Necessities become things that are beneath our notice. Conveniences become necessities. Luxuries become conveniences. And then we invent new luxuries…. http://www.bradford-delong.com/2018/06/current-links-1-1-1-1.html Chris

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