Film Review ~ Baby Driver (NetFlix) (2017) (Ansel Elgort and Kevin Spacey)

Baby Driver was double Oscar winner Kevin Spacey’s last film before he became persona non grata. Playing Doc Spacey sleepwalks his way through the role using his characteristic menace, intimidation and sinister quips. He looks bored and, we now know, at the end of his stellar career. What of the film?

Baby Driver is puerile and a lot of fun. The storyline goes like this. Doc plans robberies and then outsources to a team. Baby is a getaway driver with angelic good looks. He has wonderful driving skills, which can only be accessed if he has a constant soundtrack from his iPod- of which he has many. Unamazingly he has a moral back story explaining why he’s angelic and not a murderous gangster like the rest of Doc’s team. Baby is a bank robber and accessory to murder but only so that he can pay for care for his father. The rest of Doc’s team are villains without a saving grace and, obviously, meet suitable ends.

In many ways Baby Driver is terrific. The car driving sequences, of which there are many, are choreographed magnificently and raise the pulse rate to a happiness rating. There are some fine comedic touches and it all ends in a feel-good finale (which isn’t a spoiler as it’s obvious from the beginning).

Why you should watch this film: It’s fun with a wonderful soundtrack

Why you shouldn’t watch this film: It’s puerile.

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