May in December

Like Chamberlain’s dodgy agreement with Hitler
With a weak PM vacillating
Skating on a fragile future
No clear answer to the Irish question
Grasping, at absurd incongruities
Knowing the world’s waiting to see her fall.

Must come up with a phrase, acceptable to Arlene Foster
No capitulation – just fudge some wording
“Regulatory Alignment” – that should do!
No – well “Full Alignment “ then
Better – Creative ambiguity, will that do?

Forged around, “Constructive Ambiguities
Wow, who could, pick the bones – out of that.
Not Jean-Claude Junker I’ll find a way
We must get to, negotiating – trade deals.
Pay any price – Thirty Nine Billion –
Yep, that sounds OK.

A family member now employed – still in poverty
Well there’s ‘no magic money tree’
Rent arrears building, evictions pending
Universal credit rules, that’s what we roll out
Bleeding hearts, crying can’t manage
We’ll give them a loan, just a bit more debt.

The Scots, jumping on the band-wagon
Now Sadiq Kahn, where will it all end?
The Welsh, bleating over lost EU farming payments
They’ll have to learn – we all jump to our paymasters
It’s called “ Force Majeure” by the pejorative
Bow your humble heads in subjugation
We don’t need the EU – Britain is on its knees.

Wouldn’t it be kinder, if the Tory’s stood down
They are no longer, able to command respect
Without any credibility, to working class people
It is only a matter of time, before she capitulates
Then she can join the history of PMs who failed
Along with the others who, spout rubbish.

Good riddance to all the spoiled rich.


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