Peg Solitaire

Such a childish puzzle
Jumping pegs over the nearest neighbour
Guessing, muddled wrong moves
Whatever possessed Mum to persevere?

Sheer determination I guess,
Whilst we’re watching TV
Mum had the Solitaire board on her lap.
There was much frustration.

After years, I asked
“Why, do you play that silly game Mum?”
“Because there must be a key,”
She said, “and I’ll find it.”

Two years later, she said “watch”
Her hand swept across the board
I watched fascinated,
In minutes she had proved the puzzle solved.

I knew that I would never remember
The moves looked very complicated!
“Teach me Mum” I said
She did!

The board has four outside squares
Each of six pegs
The centre peg hole is vacant
That is where your final peg will finish.

The moves, took time to remember
We started
Now to clear the outside- right block
Followed by

Shift to the left hand square
Now clear the bottom square as you did the first one,
Remember my mum was a bit of a genius
But you can short-cut the hard work and go to
The magical Internet

Who’s a clever boy then


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