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“He’s Got an OLOGY” (Maureen Lipman)

What a great TV advert Beatie, a Jewish Grandma asked her Grandson How did your exams go? The boy replied, “I got a ‘C’ in Biology.” Like every Jewish Grandma She, beams at the camera “He’s got an Ology” Tantamount … Continue reading

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Gradgrind and the problem of legless horses

Gradgrind came to epitomise Victorian school teachers. Victorian school teachers were sharply focused on facts. Facts appeared to offer certainty and, even better, they could be tested. A pupil repeating the facts that they’d learned was a good pupil. There’s … Continue reading

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Why Donald Trump is popular: he spends his own money!

Former Florida governor Jeb Bush is our great teacher in this: He and his allies vastly outspent Donald Trump in the Republican primaries, but he won only three delegates to Trump’s 1725. As The Post pointed out, Bush could have … Continue reading

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The UK’s Brexit strategy

Buy British or die, Johnny Foreigner (© Liam Fox) Chris

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