A lesson too late for the learning

The majority of our largely put upon poor residents of the country swallowed a pack of lies over “Brexit” perpetrated by some very prominent (albeit delusional) politicians. They included Johnson, Gove, Davis, and let us not forget those other two ‘snakes’ Ian Duncan Smith and Jacob Reese-Mogg. Each in their own way dripping with lies. (Remember the millions they promised the country would be fed back into the National Health Service?Well what happened to that promise?) David Cameron quickly deduced that he hadn’t  sufficient gravitas or indeed the will to take the country out of the EU and the single market, and so resigned in a huff. Ironically he didn’t have to call the Referendum which ended in tears for him

The premiership he left was quickly filled by Theresa May (the then Home Secretary). It would appear however, that rather than getting her own mandate by calling a General Election she was running scared and carried on as though she was entitled to be PM. Perhaps this is cowardice or she might think it is a tactical move. That way she keeps the trappings of Number 10, until 2020, when she will have to go to the people and take her chance. Either way, I suspect she will be just be another one term Prime Minister like a number of her predecessors.

Gordon Brown P.M (2007–10) chose not to go to the country, possibly because he made such a hash of the economy as Chancellor of the Exchequer, having sold off much of the countries Gold Reserves when he was chancellor. He lost to David Cameron.

James Callaghan, P.M. (1976-79) another ex-Chancellor of the Exchequer provoked the so-called Winter of Discontent. The hostility of many of the working class, sealed his fate. He was defeated in 1979 by Margaret Thatcher. She abused her position and power to direct and use, the police as though it was her private army against the miners. I hope Orgreave  still haunts her soul.

Alex Douglas-Home P.M (1963-64) another union bashing Tory who was also an aristocratic. He was weak, ineffective and dangerous as Prime Minister. He lost his first (and only) election to Harold Wilson. Macmillan famously described him to the Queen as ‘steel painted as wood’.

Theresa May should bear in mind that not a single unelected PM*, since 1945, has won their own mandate. The curse of the unmandated PM is that they are political cowards and the  nation punishes them.

*Apart from Harold MacMillan 1957-63




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2 Responses to A lesson too late for the learning

  1. JO HN says:

    John Major, Harold McMillan, Antiny Eden

    • odeboyz says:

      Anthony Eden called a General Election and increased the Tory majority; John Major was faced with the first Gulf War and that prevented an Election; Harold MacMillan you quite right about.

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