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Hitler copied the USA’s segregation policies…and then some

‘Segregation Forever’ documents the legal establishment of a racial purity regime as strict as any of its 20th-century European competitors. North Carolina required not only separate schools for black and white children but segregation of textbooks (‘Books shall not be … Continue reading

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Three Countries: One Story

Apartheid – South Africa Naziism – Germany Segregation – USA

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Book Review: William Melvin Kelley ~ A Different Drummer (1962)

A Different Drummer is set in America’s deep south in the segregation era. The principal black character is Tucker Caliban working for the family that had, generations previously, owned slaves including Tucker’s great grand-father. The central white family stills owns … Continue reading

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The Double V Campaign: The struggle for racial equality in the US Armed Forces in the Second World War

The festering sore that was American segregation became a burning issue after Hitler’s declaration of war (11th December 1941). The world’s worse racist state declared war on a country which enshrined segregation. America’s non-white soldiers were officially second class citizens. … Continue reading

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Lyndon Johnson’s driver and the actuality of racism*

“Well Senator …. we drive for hours and hours. We get hungry. But there’s no place on the road we can stop and go in and eat. We drive some more. It gets pretty hot. We want to wash up. … Continue reading

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