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Working on council estates

I worked for fifty years in Hackney and Havering on Council estates as a plumber. Like everybody else Council tenants are of all kinds of people: loud, selfish, helpful, timid, stupid and clever and I nearly forgot the rich and … Continue reading

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Let the poor face their fate- Utopian Dystopia

Is a Tory dream Human misery! Well that we’ve seen. Squalor, oppression Would anyone question Disease, overcrowding The private renting that shrouds The rich getting richer On the backs of the disenfranchised. Those who are subjugated, Crushed, defeated by the … Continue reading

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Ebola, Malaria and TB*: Competing Horrors

At the time of writing, (November 2014) ebola is still an incurable disease causing fewer than 6,000 deaths from about 14,000 infections. It is a gruesome disease. Potentially, but not certainly, it may mutate into a mega-disease. Mega-diseases, such as … Continue reading

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