Stay as They Are

Knowing the day could be calamitous or at least memorable, Jan and I joined the tube at Elm Park Station last Wednesday morning to wend our way across Londons metropolis from the East to North West – Maida Vale station. The tedious journey was only broken by my usual disparaging comment about the hideous edifice chucked up on the Olympic Park at Stratford, which looks like a demented crushed up roller-coaster swirling its freak metal tubes up and over the structure, probably replicating the brainstorms of its architect. Clearly the whole monstrosity – a cross between a dwarfed dismembered gas storage pod and a giant dustbin with its looped metal bits bulging out at odd angles- was thought by some to be lovely,: not me.
A few miles on, a smile came to us as Jan and I remembered the number of times we both whizzed up to the 42nd floor in the executive lift of the HSBC building next to the pointy lump pushed up on Canary Warf. The scenery from those executive windows were truly amazing.
Content for the time being, to study our fellow travellers I of course “tut tutted” under my breath about ill-mannered loud children and middle aged ladies with fat legs wearing miniskirts (but I didn’t share those thoughts with Jan) Just continued to grind my teeth.
Eventually, after more than an hour, of endless tube stations, on both the District and Bakerloo lines we reached Maida Vale and found our way down Lanark Road to the meeting hall at Scottish Towers Co-Operative. We were there as this was the first meeting of the National Federation of Tenant Management Organisations after the AGM (annual general meeting) and the elected representatives were to appoint their Executive for the coming year.
Whilst walking down Lanark Road we bumped into Lucia Otto (the manager of South Acton Community Co-op.) Lucia is a very charismatic woman who always shares her opinions in a very forthright way. Nic Reynolds (National Chair) quickly called the meeting to order and because the first agenda item was the election of Chair asked the company secretary to take that first item of business. I proposed that Nic be nominated re-elected as Chair as he has done a fantastic job over the last year and the whole executive supported my proposal.
Nic then returned the compliment by nominating me as his deputy. Therefore I was re-elected as Deputy Chair. Later in the proceedings, I also volunteered to take on the role of Membership Secretary as I had held that role previously for several years. Not an onerous task by any means but time consuming, as I need to make contact with all the 230 TMO (Tenant Management Organisations) that are dotted throughout the country.
Since the Treasurer (John Challenor) was not at the meeting the company secretary asked me to sign a large number of cheques as I have been a company signatory since 2010.
At 3:30 that afternoon I told the meeting that we (Jan and I) had family coming to stay later on and we would need to get away now. We returned home by 5:15 just in time to greet the family.


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