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The Burmese Pythons of Florida

There are many examples of invasive species colonising new territories.1 Writing about the UK’s Japanese Knotweed challenge doesn’t have the same buzz as Florida’s Burmese Pythons, though the storyline is the same.2 Japanese Knotweed was brought into the UK as … Continue reading

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Book Review: Carl Hiaasen ~ Razor Girl (2016)

Hiaasen is a 21st century Florida version of P G Wodehouse. Beautiful writing, stereotypes developed to breaking point and then stretched a little bit more and zany storylines. His ultimate premise is that Florida is filled with insane people who … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Carl Hiaasen Omnibus~ Tourist Season, Double Whammy, Skin Tight

This omnibus edition hits our value for money target and, even better, they are an excellent read. Hiaasen satirises Florida: this is basically impossible as Florida is self-satirising. Hiaasen’s targets are politicans, developers, criminals, businessmen, tourists and the annual influx … Continue reading

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