Book Review: Carl Hiaasen ~ Razor Girl (2016)

Hiaasen is a 21st century Florida version of P G Wodehouse. Beautiful writing, stereotypes developed to breaking point and then stretched a little bit more and zany storylines. His ultimate premise is that Florida is filled with insane people who will do anything if it feels OK at that moment.

Try this:

Deb pointed at the Remington twelve-gauge in the corner. “What do you need that for? Is it loaded?”

“Of course. You know what they call an unloaded shotgun?”


“A stick,” he said. (p32)

Razor Girl is a women who smashes into targeted vehicls at high speed. As she’s beautiful and half dressed when she crashes she distracts the victim (who doesn’t know he’s a victim). Whichever gangster she’s working for then kidnaps the target. She calls it ‘performance artistry’. Andrew Yancy is an ex-cop who works in Public Health checking on hygiene. Hiaason’s detail of Public Health violations is stomach churning – he loves detail. Naturally the two become an item and there are numerous wonderful characters each more impossible and, yet, plausible than the other. Think Lord Emsworth and Blanding Castle and the prize pig Empress of Blandings

Hiaasen is tremendous fun and if you aren’t a fan you should try one. Try this one.

Kindle Razor Girl eBook: Hiaasen, Carl: Kindle Store £5.99 And no I’m not on commission

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