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Covid-19’s Death Rate: A Consequence of Austerity?

The political consequence of the 2008 banking crisis was a Conservative led coalition, whose principal economic policy was austerity. This meant a dramatic reduction in the size of the state, especially local government and Britain’s welfare system. Unexpectedly there was … Continue reading

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Lock Down Blues

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British Health and Covid-19

Coronavirus is a well understood disease.* There are international strategies in place for meeting the challenges which are presented. Covid-19 is a novel sub-species of a well known disease. Public ignorance, fuelled by governments, has given it lethal qualities which, … Continue reading

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Covid Lockdown

After weeks, with nothing to do The phobia’s did grow Claustrophobia – well that one, was new Agoraphobia was raring to go. “Pull yourself together”, she did say, “There are far worse off, than you Make the most of each … Continue reading

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The lunatic in charge of the asylum

A Gerald Scarfe cartoon

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