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Oxford University’s Toxic Political Legacy: Privilege and Entitlement

Oxford University is a social ghetto, which has a toxic impact on British politics. I’ve illustrated this by looking at the school and university background of significant figures in the British political world, 2010-21. Although the list is selective, it … Continue reading

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Ben Bradley MP (In a previous life a workhouse manager)

“…..[Mansfield] Tory MP Ben Bradley has claimed that free school meals vouchers are “effectively” a handout to a crack den and brothel. Even if this is true – and the evidence for it is less than overwhelming – so what? … Continue reading

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A Successful Teaching Moment

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Free Speech and the Paradox of Constraint

The principal challenge free-speech presents is that constraints are necessary to make it meaningful. Unconstrained free speech simply means speech. A discussion about free-speech concerns the necessary constraints that there should be and, importantly, who says what they are and … Continue reading

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Michael Gove and the Politics of School Uniform

We will support schools to introduce traditional blazer-and-tie uniforms, prefects and house systems.1 Michael Gove, parliamentary debate, 2010 Background Michael Gove, alumni of Robert Gordon College, Aberdeen, parades traditional values, which he claims to epitomise. He’s a Conservative cabinet minister. … Continue reading

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American children on a subsistence farm, 1919

When not in school the Borlaug children did chores, rising before dawn and working until after sunset. Boys hoed weeds, dug potatoes, milked cows, stacked hay, hauled wood and water, fed chicken, cattle, and horses. Girls tended the vegetable garden, … Continue reading

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Boris Johnson meets Monty Python

Just when everyone thought satire was dead the UK’s morbidly obese Prime Minster decided to lead an anti-obesity campaign. It had taken a near-death Covid-19 experience to convince him that being morbidly obese was unhealthy. A quick learner with an … Continue reading

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Sir Philip Magnus School: The 1950s weekly games lessons appraised

I’ve written how I truly hated the weekly sports lessons on a previous occasion.* Summer was bad enough, with cricket and its incomprehensible rules. Winter was worse. Every week I waited, for the coach to turn up. Often I stood … Continue reading

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Book Review: James Hawes ~ My Little Armalite (2008)

I wrongly believed that this would stand in the tradition of Tom Sharpe and so looked forward to slap-stick humour. It isn’t Sharpe it’s a biting satire with lots of black humour. John Goode is a 45 year old university … Continue reading

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Karl Marx studied in this room

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