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Performance Indicators

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Globalisation and Pandemics

Globalization, population growth, and urbanization have facilitated the transmission of infectious diseases. The complexity of global travel and global integration mean that any “patient zero” is now but a few degrees of separation from formerly isolated communities. According to medical … Continue reading

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Seb Coe: A 1930s Appeaser?

World Athletics President Sebastian Coe believes a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics would only serve as “a meaningless gesture”, claiming non-engagement between Government officials rarely bears fruit. Coe also pointed to the Berlin 1936 Olympic Games held … Continue reading

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Religion, Politics and the Execution of Oliver Cromwell

Oliver Cromwell: died 3rd September, 1658; executed 30th January, 1661 “…while the clergy offered prayers for the king in churches across the land, the coffins were taken to the Red Lion Inn in Holborn. Carters then carried the rotting bodies … Continue reading

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Hanging on

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Human Nature Never Changes: 1353

“Having withdrawn, living separate from everybody else, they settled down and locked themselves in, where no sick person or any living person could come, they ate small amounts of food and drank the most delicate of wines and avoided all … Continue reading

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Woody Guthrie on the meaning of poverty

“They can always think up a million nice good excellent reasons why it is better for you to go ragged and hungry and down and out and even in the dark, as long as it makes them a profit.”

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Book Review: Carl Hiaasen ~ Squeeze Me (2021)

Crack cocaine apparently gives an instantaneous rush into a blissful state of well-being. Obviously it’s addictive. Carl Hiaasen is my crack cocaine as it transports me from suburban London to the whacky world of Florida. Hiaasen has a magnificent tapestry … Continue reading

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Job hunting

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Convenient Cognitive Dissonance

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