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Being a Chinese billionaire isn’t all glamour

Mortality rate notwithstanding, what’s more disturbing is how these mega wealthy souls met their demise. According to China Daily, 15 were murdered, 17 committed suicide, seven died from accidents and 19 died from illness. Oh, yes, and 14 were executed. … Continue reading

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A snowman in Manchester This is a really good site for photographs Chris  

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Country Dancing: Thornhill Road School

In 1949 I started my school life at Thornhill Road Infant School. The Second World War had ended four years earlier and rationing was still firmly in place. Although my family, (two older brothers,  Mum and Dad), were poor, we … Continue reading

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Beware of scientific barmen

A science lecturer and a student walk into a bar. The scientist says to the barman: “Can I have a glass of H20?” The barman hands over the drink and the lecturer walks away. Wanting to fit in, the student … Continue reading

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Book Review: Isaac Babel ~ Odessa Stories (Translator Boris Dratyuk) (1910s and 20s)

Babel writes about Jewish life in Odessa at the beginning of the 20th century. Odessa’s a vibrant multi-cultural seaport with a very large Jewish population. Gangsters fascinate Babel and he creates wonderful pen portraits. He also writes about being an … Continue reading

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Special Dreams

In sleep it seems, I feel my dreams Senses alert, as if awake But more, so much more Tactile touch, memories restored. Old friends I once knew Still true, in every detail We interact, as if – I never did … Continue reading

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