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Barbara (anxious colleague): Do you think that you’ll by OK when you retire? Joan: Oh yes. I’ve been reading about life without work and it’s lovely. Barbara: What have you been reading? Joan: Jane Austen Chris Advertisements

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Film Review: The Girl in the Spider’s Web (Claire Foy)

There’s nothing so attractive to Hollywood as a money-making franchise. The Scandi-noir novels about the idiot savant Lisbeth Salander (Claire Foy) has definitely come of age. Their version has all the tropes deemed necessary for a serious money-making film. The … Continue reading

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The Meaningful Vote

With just days to go Mays’ future might end Her Brexit deal dead Well soon we will know. An example of, “please only one”, Ostracized all blindly Take out objectivity Maybe, please some. Logic demands another way Chaos looms clearly Poor … Continue reading

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Canada: a very civilised country

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Alexey Stakhanov: the most famous coal miner in history

  Stalin introduced a whirlwind of industrialisation in a series of Five Year Plans beginning in 1928. These plans centralised control of every part of industrial production. Every mine had productivity targets which had to be met or exceeded. This … Continue reading

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The Good Fairy and an Ungracious Husband

A married couple in their 60s were visited by the good fairy who granted them a wish each. Wife: “I want to travel round the world with my darling husband.” And two tickets magically appear in her hand. Husband: “Sorry … Continue reading

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Book and Film Review: Raymond Chandler ~ The Big Sleep (1939) and (1946- film)

The doyen of American pulp fiction is Raymond Chandler. I knew this even though I’d never actually read his work. I relied on the brilliant, Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, film The Big Sleep (1946). So I was unprepared for … Continue reading

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