Book Review: Katy Brent ~ How to kill men and get away with it (2023)

I fell victim to the dreaded Waterstone’s ‘Buy one and get one half price’ with this one.1 A catchy title and so-called reviews reeled me in like a fish.

Describing it as ‘Darkly witty’, ‘Funny, outrageous and thoroughly entertaining’ and ‘Razor sharp and immensely funny’ left me as putty in their hands. Cards were flashed across the counter and away I went. Like an idiot.

I was expecting preposterous but, if it was well written with ‘Dark wit’, I was up for it. Instead, I got a British version of Dexter2 alongside girly obscene behaviour with added ‘shock’ intimacy.

This book did have one value though, and it shouldn’t be underestimated, it makes you appreciate better books.

I expect a round of applause: I finished it but the heavily trailed sequel will be unread by me….At least.


 1 Does anyone know how much publishers pay to get on to these tables?

2 Watch Dexter Online | Seasons Episode

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