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Gambling as an Investment Option

Combining ‘Gambling’ and ‘Investment’ appears to be bizarre. After all, gambling involves unpredictable risk and the loss of all of your capital in one fell swoop. Investment, on the other hand, breathes the heady air of prudence and safety. This … Continue reading

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Credit Card Competition: British Style

Barclays             18.9%           Interest charged HSBC                 18.9%                     ditto Lloyds                18.9%                     ditto NatWest            18.9%                     ditto Santander         18.9%                     ditto (Correct 24th June 2015) British Inflation, June 2015 was 0% (Chris)

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Stuart Gulliver, HSBC and Don Corleone

“Well, I say yes. There is more money potential in narcotics than anything else we’re looking at now. If we don’t get into it, somebody else will, maybe one of the Five Families, maybe all of them. And with the … Continue reading

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