Film Review: The Awakening of Motti Wolkenbruch (NetFlix) (2018) (Jewish Swiss comedy – subtitles)

This Jewish comedy piles cliché on to cliché, which should ruin the film. It doesn’t. It is a clever well-balanced comedy where the principal characters hang together and form a coherent whole.

The storyline is basic Jewish humour. An over-bearing mother, an Orthodox household and an unmarried 20+ year old son. Because he isn’t married and resists all the candidates which are brought to the house he’s a ’Bad boy’. Although he’s a university student he also helps run the family insurance company and his mother’s corner shop.

He falls in love with a non-Jewish woman and the comedy takes off. He’s sent to Israel to cure him and get a good Jewish wife. Obviously he has an affair but with a strictly non-marrying woman. He returns to Switzerland and begins his affair with the Shiksa.

If you can handle sub-titles this is a terrific film

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