Film Review: Bullet Train (Brad Pitt) (2022)

If you work very hard it’s possible to find out what’s happening but it probably isn’t worth the effort. This gore-fest has a body count going into three figures. Being set in Japan there are more than the usual gun battles. Bullet Train also has swords, knives and various imaginative ways of dispatching those needing to be dispatched.

The title Bullet Train tells you where the action takes place. Sleek, hyper-efficient and very, very fast trains make an unlikely setting for mayhem but somehow it works. Like all action films they’re wildly implausible but sit back and enjoy.

Unusually for a gore-fest it’s very amusing. Brad Pitt is on top, top form. Wry humour and, astonishing references to West Ham United! This is coupled with lots of Thomas the Tank Engine as a source of wisdom. And there’s an assassin with a broad authentic East Ender accent. This is an eclectic film. Although set in Japan it’s American-English with occasional Japanese characters.

If you hate gratuitous extreme violence avoid it – go and see the Railway Children. I was taken aback that its certificate was a 15. This hints at a disturbing acceptance of violence.

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