Book Review: Volker Kutscher ~ The Fatherland Files (2019) (Translator Niall Sellar)

Fans of Philip Kerr and his wonderful series featuring Berlin policeman Bernie Gunter will warm to this German version. The book reeks of authenticity in its depiction of pre-Nazi Berlin and the insidious take-over of the police by them.

The storyline is as compelling as you could want. Decadent corrupt Berlin and a fraud on wine from east Prussia leading inexorably to murders. Added into the mix are revenge killings and a bizarre character who lives in the wilderness of the Masurian Lakes.

Kutscher also develops a female detective as a buddy to Gereon Rath (the principal). The usual tropes are employed and the story swings along beautifully. A worthy successor to the late, great Kerr.

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