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Book Review: Graham Greene ~ Our Man In Havana (1958)

The shocking thing about reading books from the 1950s is the casual racism. This is the first sentence of Greene’s novel, “’That nigger going down the street,’ said Dr Hasselbacher standing in the Wonder Bar, ‘he reminds me of you, … Continue reading

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Rules Are Rules: You know that, Sir

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Ghoulish British tourists after the Crimean War

Boatloads of tourists arrived from Britain to see the famous battle sites and collect souvenirs – a Russian gun or sword, or a bit of uniform plundered from the bodies of the Russian dead that remained in the trenches for … Continue reading

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My Multi-talented Father

Dad hated school and left aged 14 and was immediately employed in a local garage in 1924. He acquired a working knowledge of cars. Our second car was a DAB 36. When it broke down he stripped out the starter … Continue reading

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A Texan Walks Into A Bar In Ireland

Hank says, “I hear you Irish are damn good drinkers. I’ll give 500 dollars to anybody who drinks 10 pints of Guinness straight off.” The room went silent as one man quietly left. Thirty minutes late Paddy returned. He tapped … Continue reading

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Is this an Absurdity?

An Authorised Grim Reaper   An Unauthorised Grim Reaper   Comment: Wrecking the economy to protect lives in the C-19 pandemic is entirely laudable but a vaccine will eliminate its lethal potential by 2022. Cigarettes meanwhile will continue killing about 77,000 … Continue reading

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A football match between God’s team and Satan’s team

A border dispute erupted between heaven and hell. God invited the devil for negotiations to resolve the dispute. Satan proposed a football match. God agreed immediately saying, “The heat must be affecting your brain don’t you know all the good … Continue reading

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Churchill as a Myth Maker: The Second Battle of El Alamein, 1942

“Britain, of course — always wins one battle — the last. It would seem to have begun rather earlier this time. General Alexander, with his brilliant comrade and lieutenant, General Montgomery, has gained a glorious and decisive victory in what … Continue reading

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C-19 Who’s laughing now?

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Microchipping humans in Russia

“I taught myself biohacking,” 28 year old Vladislav Zaitsev told reporters in Moscow, “because I like the idea of expanding the capabilities of the human body. I estimate that about a thousand Russians are already microchipped, mostly with work passes … Continue reading

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