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Hitler’s Invasion Plan: Operation Sea Lion, 1940

Hitler issued Directive No. 16 on July 16 [1940]…., “As England, in spite of the hopelessness of her military position, has so far shown herself unwilling to come to any compromise, I have decided to begin to prepare for, and … Continue reading

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Winston Churchill cedes British Sovereignty to the USA

Churchill ceded British sovereignty on 24th December, 1943 to the USA. Command of Britain’s armed forces became the responsibility of Dwight D. Eisenhower: after this date British generals reported to him. Churchill made his unique decision because Britain was incapable … Continue reading

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Churchill as a Myth Maker: The Second Battle of El Alamein, 1942

“Britain, of course — always wins one battle — the last. It would seem to have begun rather earlier this time. General Alexander, with his brilliant comrade and lieutenant, General Montgomery, has gained a glorious and decisive victory in what … Continue reading

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Britain’s Ceases to be a World Power, December 1943

The USA entered the European theatre following Hitler’s unbelievable declaration of war in December, 1941. Over the next two years, huge numbers of American troops entered Britain. Dwight D Eisenhower became Supreme Commander in Chief of Allied Forces, December 1943, … Continue reading

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