Time might be changing

Some can remember their Father’s Father and their Mother’s Father
A few know of older generations from stories and photographs
So although we all had relatives, back to the beginning of time
The longer back we look, the further is the gap between fact and reality.

Very few, perhaps except for those of royal dynasty
Might look back with happiness and fond memories
For ordinary folk mostly, those times were hard
Those now called millenniums, might still suffer hardship.

Poverty still exists in this modern twenty-first century
But that has been deliberately caused by politicians
Austerity was deliberately created by Conservatives
Unremitting gut cringingly hard, Ministerial malevolent decisions.

It is shameful how the referendum has split the country
A binary decision, with no realistic realisation of its consequences
A pathetic buffoon leading the country further into poverty
Another, the decision to stay neutral in order to appease the North.

Voters will see the shambles, brexit will cause in their lifetime
England a once proud world leading country, will suffer
Yet more deterioration to the poorest and least able to maintain
Even a basic living standard of food shelter, water, and warmth.

How long before will we see the return of work-houses for the needy
Children put to work in factories and the wholesale return of slavery
Whilst the rich snigger at the inequality of “crumbs given from the rich man’s table”
To the poor and destitute, that they created through greed?

Might it be fanciful to say, that perhaps one day, greed will not flourish
That jealousy will not punish the deluded who see wealth as their an idol
That the bridle of poverty, be carried in stoicism, not revenge
And civil war be averted by wisdom.

Let it be


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