Watching with Interest

Every week, it’s not hard to fill my day
I watch the Parliament channel a lot
The fascinating shenanigans of politicians
How British politics, are degraded …
An analysis of “the art of the possible”
Seems to be a challenge, to common sense.

The Northern Ireland debacle has no answer
Except one, we British stay in the current agreement
The EU must be bemused by the vacillations of Parliament
What next, the Oliver Letwin amendment has the Tories rattled
Today was fascinating, after roughly six hours of debate
The vote was taken, whoops all of sixteen votes short.

Still, Johnson vows to not write to the EU and ask for an extension
In answer to Corbyn asking if he will send the letter, he shook his head
Is this the Prime-Minister saying publically, he will break the Law?
What sort of message does that send to our young people
Does he think, he is above the Law?
Should he be dragged to Court and held accountable for his actions?

So he does write the letter but refuses to sign it! Childish or what
Then accompanies that letter with another, saying he does not need an extension
That’s like complying with the letter of the law but not its spirit
Petulance is his demeanour, how long before he threatens hold his breath?
Or scream and scream and scream, until he’s sick
The Labour Party has not shown the proper maturity either.

It took them a long time to vacillate between agreeing to support the resulting referendum
To now saying they will negotiate another agreement and put that to a peoples vote
With the alternative option of voting to remain within the EU, quite right…
But it took them to long, in the meantime the Lib-Dems have said they will revoke
The result of the referendum. Leading to many thinking about tactically voting, next time
So the forthcoming General Election, might well give the Lib-Dems a majority.

Can the British public forgive the party, that supported Cameron and Osborne
All that austerity over so many years, the incentives handed out to the rich
Whilst the proletariat forced to use food banks or pay one way or another
The gulf between left and right grows bigger, as does the difference between rich and poor
Poverty can be seen in most working class areas, as can permanent school exclusions
Who knows where it will all end, but I will keep watching with interest.


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