Note to our Grandchildren

You might remember us, as old
Have heard of stories, once long in time
Were told -But no, just like you
We were just young, that’s where your –
Long story, strangely what, began for you.

Tell your children, of what you know
Do not, like me, so grumpy grow
Smile when mistakes are made
Keep love and patience as your goal
Even when you’re down so low.

Your eyes will see sights not known to us
In time, your life might give you hurt and pain
Like dead leaves, blown across an endless sea
Head towards a lonely sycamore tree
Give it a hug, and know that fear, is superfluous.

You don’t need to know, which way to go ,
You will in turn grow, the while
In turn your family will look to you
Experience will tell you what to do
Sometimes you will see that smile.

A small upturned face, with eyes aglow
Will melt your heart, like July snow
Take their hand, and let them know
They are so very special, they in turn will grow
Life is worth the sadness – and the death of old.

While you grow old, and time slips by
Just take our lead, see that great blue sky
Write your storey so your kids will know
Their Gran and Grandpa loved them so
That’s you, not us – let your loved ones grow.

We love you all, and always will
Our time was small but never did
We care so much what others said
It doesn’t matter now, we are dead
You are all, our beloved Grandkids.

Mike and Jan

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