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The London Borough of agony

Hackney Borough Council is very old It is poor, yet there are rich people there It is cosmopolitan, yet it is still cockney A fair share of crooks but a nice place to behold. I have been in every part … Continue reading

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The 1970s

What an interesting time it was for me. Working as a jobbing plumber in Hackney, I really enjoyed the freedom of working with and for the hugely diverse population that were Hackney tenants. I made many good friends both in … Continue reading

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Repair and Maintenance in Tower Blocks

Practically no one gives any thought to the effort required to keep tower blocks fit for purpose. Once upon a time Councils undertook to repair almost any or everything. For example, Hackney Council in the 1960s controlled its DLO (Direct … Continue reading

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How a ‘tyrant’ did me a favour

Having completed my five year apprenticeship I decided that travelling all over the country wasn’t for me. Building sites from Scotland to the West Country usually with some grim digs that I had to find for myself all added up … Continue reading

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Just Yesterday Ago

In 1989 (I can’t believe that is twenty five years ago) I was the Branch Secretary of the National and Local Government Organisation (NALGO) in Hackney, I was at the head of a bunch of left wing extremists.The Communist Party, … Continue reading

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