A Trade Unionist has a tough life

The CEO of a big company calls in the senior trade union negotiator to try to avert a strike.

CEO: “Pleased you could come Fred. I’m sure that everything will be OK once we fully understand each other.”

Fred: “We know how much profit you make, what dividends you pay and executive salaries. We want double wages and a shorter working week.”

CEO: “OK. What did you have in mind?”

Fred: “Double wages and one day a week. We had in mind Wednesdays.”

CEO: “Sounds reasonable.”

Fred gasps: “That won’t do. You’ve got to negotiate. Keep me here all night so that I can fight for a deal.”

CEO: “Tell you what let’s watch a few DVDs, have a drink and we leave at 3 a.m.”

Fred: “Done.”

Later the next day Fred tells the mass meeting what he’s achieved and they’re ecstatic. Fred calls for a vote and just before the vote is taken a lone voice shouts out, “Is that every Wednesday?”


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