Cathy Come Home

You will not be alone…
Your life judged, wanton
By middle class bigots
Who sneered so politely
When hands were washed
In pejorative spite.

That cold room washed in lime
Where hypocrites
Wrung their hands in silent glee
To see their punishment
To remove your children
To a frightened scary sea.

Of course you screamed
As the panel Chair,
Looked so earnest over his half glasses –
“No they need love”….
As he stabbed your heart
“Not fit” he proclaimed.

You were so alone in that room?
In your silent crying prayers’
In days the “Social” took your kids
To a hated foster home
Where food and stuffs
Were thrust on the kids, without love.

Oh, Cathy if it could only be another time
Could I protect you and yours
Open doors so slammed shut
On you, because your poor, and desperate
Housed in a slum
Be a survivor, Cathy, come home –

You’re not “just another slut”.


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