Likely Lad

Should have been called ‘Sad Lad”
Always scared of mockery
He shunned friendship
Just in case!
Words of spurn spread.

Even family named him
‘Only the lonely’
Watching him
Hunched over his coffee
Reading auto biogs
Paper news and views.

In time he grew
‘Sad lonely lad’
Became a man
Would understand in time
To speak out loud, his thoughts.

Picked at local politics
found good friends
Mature in thought
Secure support
Sad lad blossomed
learned to relax.

Weekly meetings
‘The Moon’ hostelry
beckoned each Wednesday
Friends chat on everything
put the world to rights
politicking subject matters.

JJ Moons works a magic
Sad Lad smiles on the bus home
Pleasant nights- swiftly pass
all too soon months
sniggled into years
Sad Lad transformed into
Likely Lad.


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