David Cameron: Shirkers and Strivers

George Osborne divides Britain into ‘shirkers’ and ‘strivers’ hoping to prove that the poor are poor because they are lazy. Could the same concept be applied to him and others in the Cabinet? Building on Michael Gove’s analysis for academic success I feel we can. Both he and Osborne were fast- tracked into our Top Universities via very expensive fee paying schools (£30,000, US$48000): Why did they fail so badly? Could it be that they are ‘shirkers’? Are they stupid?

Oxford and Cambridge sub- divide their degrees into a hierarchy of excellence. The deceptive Upper Second is actually the fourth highest degree awarded. The premier degree is a Starred First, followed by a Double First, then a First, these are striver degrees. An Upper Second is the default degree awarded to circa 70% of all students. This is shirker degree. There are members of the Cabinet who are even worse than Gove and Osborne and those familiar with British politics will be unamazed at their names. (Special category ‘Unbelievable’ is for people suffering chronic defects which would bar them from normal employment in the normal way of things.)

Tory wide- boys do have a First Class awareness of their own entitlements so it’s not all bad.

Super Strivers
Vince Cable (Business Secretary) Cambridge Ph.D
Justine Greening (International Development) London Business School MBA
Patrick McLoughlin (Transport) University of Life

David Cameron (Prime Minister) Oxford
Ed Davey (Energy) Oxford
William Hague (Foreign Secretary) Oxford
Philip Hammond (Defence) Oxford
Jeremy Hunt (Health) Oxford
Eric Pickles (Communities) University of Life

Nick Clegg (Deputy PM) Cambridge
Michael Gove (Education) Oxford
David Jones (Wales) London
Theresa May (Home Office) Oxford
Maria Miller (Culture) LSE
Teresa Villiers (Northern Ireland) Bristol

Super Shirker
Danny Alexander (Chief Secretary, Treasury) Oxford
Chris Grayling (Justice) Cambridge
Owen Paterson (Agriculture) Cambridge

Grant Shapps (Chairman, Tory Party) University of Andy Coulson
Ian Duncan- Smith (Work and Pensions) University of Romford Market


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