Chanting Money Blues

Pensioner money. Immortal money.
Buying love money. ‘You’re in my will’ money.
Buy, buy ‘For tomorrow we die’ money.
Nursing home money, cemetery money.
‘Can’t take it with you’ money:
Money. Saved. Loved. Feared.

Frittering money. Gambling money.
Holidaying money. Boozing money.
Hedonic treadmill money.
‘Rainy day money’. Under the bed money.
Something for nothing money:
Money. All gone. So sorry.

‘Can’t pay, won’t pay’ money.
Wonga money. Monopoly money.
Bankers’ bonus money.
Pimping money. Pumped up money.
Keynesian theory money:
Money. Spend. Spend. Spend.


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