Yesterday- or really it was a while ago…
when I was a girl and my cheeks all aglow
As a girl- in my teens
It seemed young men liked to look at my dress…
my thighs, my bottom and all the rest…
even silly old men, would smile and flirt
dirty ones tried to look up my skirt.

Some years then went by
in the blink of an eye
I was wed to a chap,
we had two smiling babes
Though the war years that sent…
my man to the waves.
Those hard times made worse
by my paucity purse
The kids went to school with no breakfast at all…
but a penny to pay for the milk.

We three used to hide when the tally man called
for ours was the life where poverty ruled
Both kids became ill…
and diptheria killed their smiles
despite the wet blankets I nailed over the door
and they became statistics- in the Doctor’s files…
more expense then became my fine…
for my babes to leave this world in a grave full of lime.

I aged and finally found work as a maid
but still it was a pittance I was paid…
I asked the Council to take pity on me
eventually they would see what could be

Time took my breath-
softly in stealth
worse was my mind beginning to fray
perhaps it a while ago- or was it yesterday?
I tried for so long- to continue my song
Oh, I hope that my death will not be so long…
Often at night I still weep for my babes
I yearn to see them again one of these days.


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