Lost Hugs

The sobbing girl said
“I don’t do hugs.”
Her ex, lost out to daring drugs
No comfort accepted
No other nights that led
Of tangled sheets in a rumpled bed.

Tears now replaced laughter
Thoughts burning in every way
She laid, wide- eyed each night
Short breath’s hurting the hours
withered the once beautiful flowers
No man to now- look after.

No more rows
Night emptiness lay beside her
Under a duvet’s lonely saboteur
Half murmered, half remembered
Pillow whispered words
With no more sadness, than…
A void- sung by dawn- light’s birds.

Would new arms provide those hugs
Take away all sight of drugs
Show the kids- what just might be…
Without, and where pain might flee…
Cuddle close- once more again
To a soul she might once again adore.



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