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Putin frightens a Drunk

A drunk fell down into a St Petersburg gutter. Looking up he saw a gigantic floodlit poster of Putin towering above him. A policeman on patrol heard him say; Drunk: “I’ll never drink again. I’ll never touch another drop.”Policeman: “Why … Continue reading

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Two of Putin’s judges nearly share a joke

Two judges meet outside a courtroom. One’s laughing out loud.‘Why are you laughing?’‘I just heard the funniest joke ever!’‘Tell me!’‘I can’t. I just sentenced a man to ten years for telling it.’

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The problem of being a dictator

In the span of a couple of weeks, Vladimir Putin….managed to revitalize NATO, unify a splintered West, turn Ukraine’s little-known president into a global hero, wreck Russia’s economy, and solidify his legacy as a murderous war criminal. How did he … Continue reading

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Putin visits Estonia

Immigration officer says: “Name?”.“Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin”.“Address?”“Kremlin, Moscow, Russia”.“Occupation?” “I’m just visiting.”

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Who’s the rabbit? Putin or Trump?

“I expect you to come and enjoy the scenery,” said Putin, with a half smile first perfected in AD 41 by Caligula.1 “…. Donald Trump’s victory is the extraordinary uncouth variety of postfactual politics that he personifies. He doesn’t tell … Continue reading

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Film Review ~ Red Sparrow (Jennifer Lawrence)

Red Sparrow is a tour de force for Jennifer Lawrence. Red Sparrow is set in a Russia which hasn’t acknowledged that the Cold War has ended. All the familiar tropes are hard at work. There are assassins (Yes- pre-Salisbury), and … Continue reading

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Two Russian Secret Policemen Converse

Vladimir It’s nice to unwind with a vodka isn’t it Boris? Boris It certainly is. Valdimir What do you really think about President Putin? Boris The same as you. Valdimir In that case it is my duty to arrest you. … Continue reading

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