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Book Review: Ruth Harris ~ The Man on Devil’s Island: Alfred Dreyfus and the affair that divided France (2010)

This biography is more than a Life. Ruth Harris’s meticulous study of French politics, the Roman Catholic church, the Army, Anti-Semitism and human drama is stunning. She reveals intellectuals who took up the cause of a Jewish army officer: the … Continue reading

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Three Countries: One Story

Apartheid – South Africa Naziism – Germany Segregation – USA

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The anti-Semitic Martin Luther

Luther calls for the secular authorities to burn down all the synagogues and schools, and ‘what won’t burn should be covered over with earth, so that not a stone or piece of slag of it should be seen for all … Continue reading

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Could an objective observer have identified Nazi Germany as the ‘worst of the worst’ in the 1930s?

The horrors of the Holocaust were a pivotal turning point in international relations. Interventionists believe the Holocaust was preventable. They further believe that diplomats prevented intervention because nation-states were deemed to be sovereign in their domestic policies. Implicit in interventionist … Continue reading

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