Lyndon Johnson’s driver and the actuality of racism*

“Well Senator …. we drive for hours and hours. We get hungry. But there’s no place on the road we can stop and go in and eat. We drive some more. It gets pretty hot. We want to wash up. But the only bathroom we’re allowed in is usually miles off the main highway. We keep goin’ ’til night comes- ’til we get so tired we can’t stay awake anymore. We’re ready to pull in. But it takes another hour or so to find a place to sleep. You see, what I’m saying is that a colored man’s got enough trouble getting across the South on his own, without having a dog along.”

*LBJ’s driver explaining why he didn’t want to take the family pet from Washington to Texas.

Robert A Caro The Years of Lyndon Johnson vol. 3 p888

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