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The Politics of Obesity in Britain, 2010-20

“purpose of government is not to do good,” but to “secure the rights of human beings to go about their lives peaceably, knowing that they will not be aggressed against by others.” “eat, drink and be merry” [for tomorrow we … Continue reading

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Boris Johnson meets Monty Python

Just when everyone thought satire was dead the UK’s morbidly obese Prime Minster decided to lead an anti-obesity campaign. It had taken a near-death Covid-19 experience to convince him that being morbidly obese was unhealthy. A quick learner with an … Continue reading


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Mike’s answer to obesity

Tell all overweight children It’s a special diet for you now If you are hungry, you can eat as much Slug slime as you like. Or if you prefer, crushed beetle legs With worms flesh don’t forget the fleas eggs … Continue reading

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Should Governments Prevent Preventable Harm?

Fluoridation of water is a cheap, effective and harmless mechanism for combating tooth decay. It’s pumped into the general water supply. Tooth decay is rarely life threatening but can be painful and disfiguring. The argument goes that as there is … Continue reading

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