The anti-Semitic Martin Luther

Luther calls for the secular authorities to burn down all the synagogues and schools, and ‘what won’t burn should be covered over with earth, so that not a stone or piece of slag of it should be seen for all eternity’. The Jews’ houses should be destroyed and they should be put under one roof, like the gypsies. The Talmud and prayer books should be destroyed and Jewish teachers banned. They should be prevented from using the roads, usury banned, and the Jews forced to undertake physical labour instead. Assets from moneylending should be confiscated and used to support Jews who converted.

NOTE: Luther was a Biblical scholar and appears to forget that the entire Bible is written by Jews for Jews apart from St Paul’s contributions, which are Romano-Jewish.

Roper, Lyndal. Martin Luther (Kindle Locations 6976-6980). Random House. Kindle Edition.


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5 Responses to The anti-Semitic Martin Luther

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  3. odeboyz says:

    Give us a few references other than those of the very gullible H T Roper. Stroll on, the man was an upper class twat.

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