Book Review: E M Delafield ~ The Diary of a Provincial Lady (1930)

Through the magic of Amazon’s pricing policy this costs 99p on Kindle. On the other hand if you wish to buy all five of the ‘Provincial Lady’ series you pay only 49p! Obviously it’s your decision but I risked 49p and didn’t regret it.

The ‘Provincial Lady’ series was written in 1930 and reflects the period. It’s a biting satire about the cares and tribulations of a women living on the edge of the aristocracy. There are constant money worries. Unpaid tradesmen’s bills are a nightmare as are the rates on their, substantial, house. A son at prep school adds to the tension. His friends are wealthy and when he has them back during the school holidays she cringes. I creased myself with laughter but then I love PG Wodehouse. Absolutely not to everyone’s taste but 49p? Come on. Dip your toe into something quirky and lovely.

Try this:

Find that history, as usual, repeats itself. Same hotel, same frenzied scurry round the school to find Robin [her son], same collection of parents, most of them also staying at the hotel. Discover strong tendency to exchange with fellow-parents exactly the same remarks as last year, and the year before that. Speak of this to Robert [her husband], who returns no answer. Perhaps he is afraid of repeating himself? This suggests Query: Does Robert, perhaps, take in what I say even when he makes no reply?”

For those who like audio books This costs nothing.

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