Film Review: Souvenir (Tom Burke and Honor Swinton Byrne) (2019)

If you’re bored with franchise CGI films, find ‘Look at me Mum, I’m brave’ documentaries tedious, dislike political satire, hate ethnic films, or reading a novel whilst watching a film – reading at the cinema?- then Souvenir is for you.

Just as restaurants discovered slow food Souvenir is slow food for the cinema goer who wants a film with real life human beings telling a story. Director Joanna Hogg’s script has been treated extremely well by a stellar cast and technical crew. Pauses extend to silence, which cascade into the whirlpool of the manipulative corrosive relationship heading inexorably to emotional tragedy.

The saturnine Tom Burke skates across his challenging role with aplomb whilst Honor Swinton Byrne’s naive privileged young women reeks of entitlement. If this is the beginning of Kensington New Wave it’s a joy to be there at the start.

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